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Advantages of Sitestepperread on

  • Seperation of layout and contents.
  • Saves time by putting parts which are present on all pages into easy manageable source files.
  • Web development desktop to manage all your web sites.
  • The pages of a complete web site are grouped into a tree structure, thereby providing a means to group related pages together in the development invironment.
  • All pages use the standard (x)html format.
  • Creating your web site in different languages is extremely easy.
  • The links between pages of your web site are entered using keywords: in the Sitestepper environment StepLinks. The makes changing the name of any page of your web site extremely easy.
  • Extreme easy way to create a development version of your web sites.
  • Extreme easy to develop and test your web sites using the local host web environment of Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional. Test the web site before putting it online on the internet!
  • Use of skeleton variables to change texts on the complete web site by changing their value only once.
  • Automation of repeating tasks. We are web developers our selfs so we need which actions take a lot of time.
  • Build in environment to manage the images on your site.
  • Import all the images on your site using standard sizes.
  • Import all the images in two or three sizes - automatic creation of thumb nails when importing images.
  • Import images from hard disk, from the scanner of from the clipboard from within the program.
  • Possibility to integrate your back office into the web creation process.
  • Pages can be created to secure sites just as easy as to non-secure sites.
  • In a development version, secure pages can be created as non-secure pages.
  • Dynamic pages (.asp and .php) are created in exact the same way as non dynamic pages.
  • CodeParking ™: copy and paste one of more pages between web sites.
  • Mailing program included which can send individual emails without needing an email program.
  • Free software included in each license.
Price Sitestepper Only € 95,00 > overview all prices > multiple licences
StepCollect Publish collections online INCLUDED in a Sitestepper licence > View a sample here
ASPStepper - Classic ASP code library Contains +10 classes Contains hundres of routines Only € 50,00 > View our demo site