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Sitestepper Information pagewhat is Sitestepper?

Sitestepper is software to maintain and enhance web sites.

  • It will assist you in maintaining your web site by providing various tools to simplify repeating tasks.
  • It will greatly facilitate the display of images on your web site, by providing an unprecedented versatile way to import images from disk, photo camera, clipboard or scanner directly to you pages.
    All images will automatically be saved in 1 of 8 galleries, where each gallery will define the width, height and image quality of up to 3 different formats per gallery. This will give you a consistent way to display f.i. your photo's (gallery 1), your books (gallery 2) and your DVD's (gallery 3). All with user definable formats.
  • All images can very easily be made into click-thru links: display a small image in your text, click the image and display the enlarged image in the same layout of your page !

Advantages of Sitestepper

  • By separating the design (the look and feel) and the contents of your site, any one can create web pages without breaking links between pages on the site or by (accidentally) messing up the carefully designed layout.
  • You will be able add web pages without being or needing a web guru.
  • You can start from scratch by using the pre-installed Sitestepper template, let some else create the web site design or buy a template from the internet. A translation of an existing or new web site is included in the price !
  • Sitestepper will create multi-lingual pages. The program itself is written in English, but it will let you create pages in different languages, all from an easy to use tree-interface. If you ever had to create several pages in more than one languages and decided to call them info-en, and info-es, photos-en en photos-es, you know how hard it is to keep the pages up-to-date and correctly linked together.
  • Sitestepper will do al the hard work for you, letting you concentrate on the contents !

A short introduction to the Sitestepper family

The following table list all programs included in the Sitestepper software family.

SiteStepper modules Sitestepper program icons
StepGen StepGen is the generator part of the Sitestepper software family.
This program will let you organize and edit your complete web site in an easy environment.
It will let you add new pages without worrying about the overall look and feel of your web site.
It will create or recreate one web page just as easy as recreating all modified web pages or regenerating your complete web site.
StepEdit StepEdit is the editor part of the the Sitestepper family.
It is an full featured editor for web pages with build in spell checking.
StepMail StepMail will let you use one of the generated web pages to a list of email addresses of your choice.
It is able to handle text formatted bodies as easily as html formatted bodies.
StepMailingList StepMailingList is an easy to use program which let you organize all your email addresses. It lets you create an unlimited amount of mailing list, add un unlimited amount of email addresses, and easily assign email addresses to one or more mailing list.
It is an ideal companion to the StepMail program, but can also be used as stand alone mailing list editor.

Price of Sitestepper - Only € 95,00

Included in the price of Sitestepper:
  • Licence for all software in the Sitestepper family: Sitestepper, StepGen, StepEdit, StepMail and StepMailingList.
  • A subscription to the update service for the duration of 6 months. As long as you have a valid subscription service, you can download any new version of any software product of the above Sitestepper family - and this include minor updates as well as major updates. Yearly xxtensions to this subscription service can be purchased on a rate of € 33,00 per year.
  • Support by email.

module StepCollect - included in the licence of Sitestepper

  • StepCollect is a module of Sitestepper which must be bought separately.
  • StepCollect is simply the easiest way to bring any one of your collections on-line.
  • StepCollect is an extremely easy to use program to enter any collection you wish to publish on the web. Edit the data in a database-alike program, start Sitestepper and let Sitestepper create all the pages for you.
  • Bring your album, toys, books or photo-collection online !
  • Enter descriptions for each item in your collection in multiple languages. The relevant description will be used on the page of a specific language.
  • Pictures can be added to each item.
  • The StepCollect program interfaces with the Sitestepper image processing capabilities. Images can be imported using the same

Buying Sitestepper

A licence of Sitestepper can be ordered directly from E.De.L.Com bvba. Payment can be performed by using our PayPal account

Please contact us at with your name, your address and email address. The registration codes will be emailed to you as soon as payment has been received.

Additional information

  • The current version of Sitestepper is StepGen -
  • The Sitestepper web site is being redesigned as you read this. After the Dutch part of the site is finished, the English translation will follow shortly.
  • Please take a look at the modules section at the left of the screen. Although the English text is not yet written, the screen dumps present on the Dutch part of the site will be brought on-line at the English pages as well.

Tryout version

  • A tryout version or demo version of Sitestepper can be download from our site - click here for more information.
  • The demo version is fully functional but will create websites with all pages containing the words 'Sitestepper', 'Demo' and 'Version' randomly intermixed with the actual page names.
Price Sitestepper Only € 95,00 > overview all prices > multiple licences
StepCollect Publish collections online INCLUDED in a Sitestepper licence > View a sample here
ASPStepper - Classic ASP code library Contains +10 classes Contains hundres of routines Only € 50,00 > View our demo site