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Price of Sitestepper ?Only € 95,00

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The heart of the Sitestepper system
Sitesteppersingle license€ 95,00

Included in the single user license of Sitestepper:

  • One licence of Sitestepper and of all programs form the Sitestepper development system:
    • Sitestepper - the web development desktop
    • StepGen - the web creation program
    • StepEdit - the html editor
    • StepMail - the mailing program
    • StepMailingList - the email collector program
    A single user license may be installed on more than one PC provided no more than 1 person uses the software at any time.
    Like a book cannot be read by more than one person at any single period in time, the Sitestepper program may not be used simultaneously by more than one person at any single period in time.
  • If you need more than one license, special discounts apply. See our discount page.
  • Every minor and major update of the program for a period of 6 months. This period of 6 months starts on the first day of the month following the month in which the licence is bought. The update licence gives the user the right to download and install every update of any program of the Sitestepper development environment.
  • Free support using an online forum (preferred way) or email.
  • Sitestepper allows the development of an unlimited number of web sites for an unlimited number of domains.
  • A free license of StepCatalog: our Windows software which catalogues photos (value € 19,00)
  • A free license of StepGraph: our Windows software to resize images and stamp images with a copyright message (value € 19,00)
  • A free license for the personal use of our ASPStepper Classic ASP code library - a collection of over 10 asp-classes and hundreds of asp-routines (value € 50,00). This Classic Asp library may be used with every personal web site. If the classic asp library is used for web sites developed for a third party, a developer license of Sitestepper is required.
Show your collections
StepCollectINCLUDED in every Sitestepper licence
  • the StepCollect module is an add on to Sitestepper which makes it easy to create tens or hundreds of web pages which will display similar items.
    It is ideally suited to show all sorts of collections on your web site.
    The collection will be maintained in a database environment after which the StepCollect will create the web pages for you.
  • Different StepCollections can be created and maintained, where each StepCollection can be used to create different types of web pages.
  • Klick here for more information on StepCollect
If you are a web developer
Developer Edition€ 75,00
  • The Developer Edition of Sitestepper consist of options and software to let professional web developers easily create and maintain tens or hundreds of web sites.
    • StepSkeletonCreator - used to created the Sitestepper skeletons from existing web sites
    • eZip - no nonsense zip program with some very exiting and unique features
    • eSynchroZip - synchronization program for developers to easily synchronize the web development on different PC's
    • eVersionArchive - program to archive all versions of software executable's
    • ASPStepper - Classic ASP library - the developer edition of Sitestepper gives the developer a license to distribute the ASP library (provided that the classic ASP library is included with web sites developed by the licensee for use with the web site developed).
For the Classic ASP developers
ASPStepperlicence for 1 developer€ 50,00
  • The ASPStepper Classic ASP code library contains more than 10 classes and hundreds of subroutines for the Classic ASP web developer.
  • Visit our ASPStepper demo site to view some of the marvelous code.
  • The licence gives the developer a license to distribute the ASP code library together with web site developed for third parties (provided the ASP library is used during the development of these web sites).
  • Remark: the developer edition van Sitestepper also contains the complete APSStepper library !
Integrate Sitesteper with your existing back office
Personalized Edition€ on a per project bases
  • We can develop any add on to the Sitestepper programs to incorporate your existing back office into the process of web creation.
  • Events will be triggered at various stages in the build process (when a site is build, when a page is going to be build, when a page just has been build, ...) so that additional actions can be executed.
  • The possibilities are endless ...
  • Please contact Erik De Laet at his email address : ) or mobile number 32 475 / 32 99 47.

All the prices on this site

  • All prices on this page and site are in € and include the necessary taxes.
  • Uses the European number format (with a decimal comma and a period between thousands).
  • A paper invoice will be issued for each order.

Extend your upgrade and support period by one year

contains every minor and major update of the program for an additional period of 12 months
Sitestepper€ 33,00
StepCollectINCLUDED in Sitestepper licence
Dev.Edition€ 28,00
Pers.Edition€ as agreed when developing the add on

Extra services

Create a Sitestepper skeleton based site from an existing web site€ contact us

As mentioned before, since Sitestepper uses the (x)html format, there is 98% probability that an existing site can be adapted to that it can be maintained using Sitestepper.

Although you can do this your self, we can assist you in this process.

A price will be set before the conversion is performed.

The prices start at € 75,00 for a site with a maximum of 20 pages and a maximum of 2 distinct layouts.

Please contact Erik De Laet at his email address : ) or mobile 32 475 / 32 99 47) if you are interested in this service.

Price Sitestepper Only € 95,00 > overview all prices > multiple licences
StepCollect Publish collections online INCLUDED in a Sitestepper licence > View a sample here
ASPStepper - Classic ASP code library Contains +10 classes Contains hundres of routines Only € 50,00 > View our demo site