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The web sites on this page are created and maintained using Sitsestepper.
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For your information: the page you are viewing was automaically generated by Sitestepper after entering the data in a database using the StepCollect module of Sitestepper.

IT-consultants and the nice guys who created Sitestepper.
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web site:

Online shop for Antique jewellery. A perfect combination.

Flemisch council in the city of Rotselaar for persons with some kind of handicap.

Demonstration site showcasing the asp lilbrary classes and code delivered with every license of the Sitestepper web maintenance program. Users with a license of the development edition of Sitestepper will receive the source code for this complete site !

Site made as personal greeting card for all our customers and friends.

Independent research laboratory specialized in product development and improving recipes of chemical specialties like cosmetics.

Producers of high temperature coatings recognised and valued in the world of industrial paint technology.

Independent research laboratory specialized in product development and improving recipes of chemical specialties.

Itilium: a fortunate mariage between the precious metal group and the information technology sector. Itilium has the solution for modern jewelers, estate jewelers and antique jewelers who want to have a professional website.

E-commerse site selling Antique lace, Belgian lace or New lace: take a look at this site if lace is your thing to find that piece you were looking for for so long !

Web site of Marc Adriaenssens, photographer living in Antwerp, Belgium.

Ever thought about being able to go shopping and getting paid for it ? Visit the site of Multi-Value and find out all about it.

Selling Belgian Azalea's and pot plants all over the world.

Do you want to sell old gold ? Visit this site for all information and the best price.

Peter Otte: seller of honey, pollen etc ... situated in the Flanders, Belgium

ShoeWhere is software for the retail shoe business, developed by E.De.L.Com in cooperation with Vollebergh and LV-shoes.

You want to maintain and enhance your own site? Sitestepper is the program that will enable you to do all this. And more !

Staplijst: software for walking organisations.

Airco, Sanitair, Electricity, Plumbing

Vollebergh shoes. sister site of the Sitestepper site showing how easy it is to build a complete site from the same source.

Specialized in herbs, especially homemade herboils and herbvinegars, we supply our customers the finest in gourmet and cooking.

Site for Borax vom Haus Santo Borax: a German Sheppard dog, owner: Vermeerbergen & Smolders.

This site will provide all information about hunab-ku, medition and philosophy.

Young Star Wars and Magic The Gathering fan, son of the author of Sitestepper.

New version of the site, consisting of only the real Star Wars items (without the personal information found on the other site).

School project by Kevin (age 13 at the time of creation and son of the developer of Sitestepper) about the Greek city of Olympia. The layout of this site has been bought on the web, adapted to the Sitestepper format, after which Kevin of has created the site all by himself!

School project by Kevin (age 15 at the time of creation of the web site) and son of the developer of Sitestepper) about Tongeren, one of the oldest cities in Belgium. Using the same layout as the previous school project about Olympia.

Photo site showing the marvelous photos taken by Marc Viskens.

Ever wanted to rent a villa in Ibiza? Now is your chance.

Site with information about mystery shopping for mystery shoppers and companies.

Family web site of Erik Van Gorp, his wife Nathalie Strukelj en their new born son Jasper.

Very large Star Wars autograph collection collected by Mark Dermul (president of the Belgian Star Wars fan club).

Collection of Lord of the Rings autographs collected by Mark Dermul.

Collection of Matrix autographs collected by Mark Dermul.

The TedlWriteCollection aanwezig in de lijst of the AspStepper Classic Asp code library was used to generate the page above. Click here for information about the AspStepper Classic Asp code library.

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