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Help during web development:special and accented foreign characters

StepEdit contains an option to translate all special characters in the tables below into the correct html-syntax.

A completely working version of our StepEdit html editing program is included in the free demo version of Sitestepper, which you can download via our download page.

Special characters

Special, non-alphabetic or numeric characters need to be entered in a special way onto web pages.

This pages will list these characters.

In stead of entering them directly from the keyboard, a special reserved must be entered in the following format:

  • an ampersand-character (&)
  • the reserved word - note that the word is case sensitive
  • a semicolon
&lt; less than sign <
&gt; greater than sing >
&amp; Ampersand &
&quot; double quotes "
&nbsp; non breaking space  
&reg; the registration symbool ®
&copy; the copyright-symbool ©
&ensp; space with a fixed width
(equal to the 'n'-character in the current font
&emsp; space with a fixed width
(equal to the 'm'-character in the current font

Accented characters

Accent characters used in many non-English languages (f.i. a-trema) are not displayed correctly in every browser software if entered directly from the keyboard.

To solve this problem a wide range of reserved words are recognized by the web browsers which are being translated into a corresponding accented character when they are encountered on web pages.

The following table list (most of) these reserved words.

As with the special characters in the table above they need to be entered in the web source by entering:

  • an ampersand-character (&)
  • the reserved word - note that the word is case sensitive
  • a semicolon
Woord Getal Omschrijving  
AElig &#198; upper case
Aacute &#193; upper case A, acute accent
Acirc &#194; upper case A, circumflex accent
Agrave &#192; upper case A, grave accent
Aring &#197; upper case A, ring
Atilde &#195; upper case A, tilde
Auml &#196; upper case A, dieresis or umlaut mark Ä
Ccedil &#199; upper case C, cedilla
ETH &#208; upper case Eth, Icelandic
Eacute &#201; upper case E, acute accent
Ecirc &#202; upper case E, circumflex accent
Egrave &#200; upper case E, grave accent
Euml &#203; upper case E, dieresis or umlaut mark
Iacute &#205; upper case I, acute accent
Icirc &#206; upper case I, circumflex accent
Igrave &#204; upper case I, grave accent
Iuml &#207; upper case I, dieresis or umlaut mark
Ntilde &#209; upper case N, tilde
Oacute &#211; upper case O, acute accent
Ocirc &#212; upper case O, circumflex accent
Ograve &#210; upper case O, grave accent
Oslash &#216; upper case O, slash
Otilde &#213; upper case O, tilde
Ouml &#214; upper case O, dieresis or umlaut mark
THORN &#222; upper case THORN, Icelandic
Uacute &#218; upper case U, acute accent
Ucirc &#219; upper case U, circumflex accent
Ugrave &#217; upper case U, grave accent
Uuml &#220; upper case U, dieresis or umlaut mark
Yacute &#221; upper case Y, acute accent
aacute &#225; lower case a, acute accent
acirc &#226; lower case a, circumflex accent
aelig &#230; lower case ae diphthong (ligature)
agrave &#224; lower case a, grave accent
aring &#229; lower case a, ring
atilde &#227; lower case a, tilde
auml &#228; lower case a, dieresis or umlaut mark
ccedil &#231; lower case c, cedilla
eacute &#233; lower case e, acute accent
ecirc &#234; lower case e, circumflex accent
egrave &#232; lower case e, grave accent
eth &#240; lower case eth, Icelandic
euml &#235; lower case e, dieresis or umlaut mark
iacute &#237; lower case i, acute accent
icirc &#238; lower case i, circumflex accent
igrave &#236; lower case i, grave accent
iuml &#239; lower case i, dieresis or umlaut mark
ntilde &#241; lower case n, tilde
oacute &#243; lower case o, acute accent
ocirc &#244; lower case o, circumflex accent
ograve &#242; lower case o, grave accent
oslash &#248; lower case o, slash
otilde &#245; lower case o, tilde
ouml &#246; lower case o, dieresis or umlaut mark
szlig &#223; lower case sharp s, Duitse (sz ligature)
thorn &#254; lower case thorn, Icelandic
uacute &#250; lower case u, acute accent
ucirc &#251; lower case u, circumflex accent
ugrave &#249; lower case u, grave accent
uuml &#252; lower case u, dieresis or umlaut mark
yacute &#253; lower case y, acute accent
yuml &#255; lower case y, dieresis or umlaut mark
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