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Prices of Sitestepper ?for more than 1 licence

Looking for the price of a single license ? Click here.

This page list the prices of Sitestepper if more than one license is bought.

When are multiple licenses required ?

A single user license may be installed on more than one PC provided no more than 1 person uses the software at any time.

Like a book cannot be read by more than one person at any single period in time, the Sitestepper program may not be used simultaneously by more than one person at any single period in time.

If more than one developer will be using Sitestepper at any given point in time, multiple licenses must be bought for the number of simultaneous users.

Site or enterprise licenses entitle a complete organization to let unlimited users user Sitestepper at any time provided they are situated at the same physical location.

Price multiple licenses

Sitestepper (including StepCollect)
Sitesteppersingle license€ 95,00
Sitestepper2 - 3 licenses€ 85,00 / lic.
Sitestepper4 - 10 licenses€ 75,00 / lic.
Sitesteppersite/enterprise license€ 950,00
If you are a web developer
Developer Editionsingle license€ 75,00
Developer Edition2 - 3 licenses€ 65,00 / lic.
Developer Edition4 - 10 licenses€ 55,00 / lic.
Developer Editionsite/enterprise license€ 750,00
Classic ASP code library - for the Classic ASP web developers
ASPStepper-librarysingle license€ 50,00
ASPStepper-library2 - 3 licenses€ 40,00 / lic.
ASPStepper-library4 - 10 licenses€ 30,00 / lic.
ASPStepper-libraryenterprise licenses€ 500,00

Extend your upgrade and support period by one year

contains every minor and major update of the program for an additional period of 12 months
# licenses12 - 34 - 10site/enterpr.
Sitestepper (including StepCollect) € 33,00 € 28,00 € 23,00 € 330,00
Dev.Edition € 28,00 € 23,00 € 18,00 € 280,00
ASPStepper code library € 50,00 € 40,00 € 30,00 € 500,00
Pers.Edition€ as agreed when developing the add on
StepShop€ contact us

All the prices on this site

  • All prices on this page and site are in € and include the necessary taxes.
  • All prices use the European number format (with a decimal comma and a period between thousands).
  • A paper invoice will be issued for each order.
Price Sitestepper Only € 95,00 > overview all prices > multiple licences
StepCollect Publish collections online INCLUDED in a Sitestepper licence > View a sample here
ASPStepper - Classic ASP code library Contains +10 classes Contains hundres of routines Only € 50,00 > View our demo site